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Here you can trade in your launchers. You start out with a no-grip ripcord launcher and here you can get new ones. Signature Launchers can be purchaced for 1000 Points. The first sig. launcher is free.

Left launchers are free with left-spinning or Both-Spinning beyblades.

Equipment- 100 eachEdit

Grip- Stability+ 50

Compass- Stability+100

X-Long Ripcord- Speed+50

New Launchers- 500 EachEdit

Duotron Launcher- Only used in battles classified as double battles by the reff, No Equipment

String Launcher- Speed+100, X-Long Ripcord cannot be used

Lite Launcher- Attack+5

XTS Launcher- Can be used in battles designated as XTS battles by the reff.

LR Launcher- Can launch beys either direction

Color ChangesEdit

Solid Color- 200

Transparent Color- 300

Neon Color- 400

Multi Color- Sum of colors individual price

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