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Hypnotic Spiral Picture

Basic InfoEdit

User: Shadow Blader

Launcher: Regular

Type: Stamina

Main DescriptionEdit

Hypnotica is said to actually be able to hypnotise the opponent and their bey.

Face bolt: HypnoticaEdit

A hypnotic swirl is shown on the facebolt with an eye in the middle.

Fusion Wheel: HypnoticaEdit

With a slight dip in the middle, this bey's fusion wheel and spin track are combined. A swirl is on it.

Spin Track: Pendulum Edit

Pendulum Strike spins on its own and attacks the opposing bey, sticking out from underneath the bey.

Performance Tip: Metal Eternal Sharp Edit

It is a metal version of eternal sharp.

Launcher: NormalEdit

Just a launcher like Gingka uses in the show.


Special MoveEdit


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